Setting up an email address on an Android Mobile phone.

These instructions apply to HTC Desire. If you have another version of Android phones, the instructions will be different, but the same basic process will apply.

Before you start, make sure you know your

• email address
• password

for the email account you are setting up.

1. Settings
2. Accounts & Sync,
3. Add account ( + sign on top of phone )
4. Mail
5. Type: Email Address:
6. Password: yourpassword

Scroll to Imap server.
Incoming Mail Server

7. Type: mail. – In front of your domain name
8. Click NEXT

Outgoing Mail Server

9. UNTICK Login required
10. Type: e.g. or
11. Click NEXT

12. You will get a message ‘ Cannot connect to the mail server. Etc’
13. Click continue Not OK
14. Type Account Name:
15. Your Name: email address
16. If you want to make this your default account click on the box.
17. Finish Setup