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Optimise Images for your Website

optimise images for Free Image ConverterMost people are unaware unless their website developer tells them that after the site is finished and handed over to the client that they should always optimise images before they upload them to their website. However in in my own experience, I have found that most still upload images directly from their camera, phone or scanned image. The problem with this is that the the image is going to be uploaded as 2mb or 6mb instead of 50kg. This error is going to make your site load much slower thereby encouraging the user to click out of the site. It is fantastic to get them there in the first place, don’t lose them because you haven’t taken the time to learn how to do this.


  1. Move your images from your camera or phone to your PC.
  2. Change the name of your image from IMG 23554545 (which is usually what they are named) to something more SEO Friendly.
  3. Optimise the images with a program such as Free Image Converter.
  4. Upload the optimised image to the page of your site.
  5. Give you images an alt tag.

Download Free Image Converter

Click the orange word Download under Free Image converter 1.0 and it should download with your program that you use to download.
If you don’t have one, try Internet Download Manager.


Video on Learn How to resize images with Free Image Converter.

The term image optimising is used when you take an image and reduce its size as much as possible using compression techniques, yet the image remains visually acceptable and is the correct file format for the correct purpose.

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Try this free program similar to Photoshop.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Instructions on Get Paint.Net

Follow the instructions exactly as they are and you won’t have a problem, then watch the videos suggested to learn how to use

Easy as that.

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