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It’s been a long time coming between posts, but mainly because I have been so busy creating new websites for my friends and colleagues.

In this list, there has been a Builder, a Birth Doula, a Baby Calming Expert, Funeral Directors, Celebrants (Marriage and Funeral), Florists, Pamper Party Experts, a Shoe Retail Shop, a Wedding Directory, a Business Directory, a Rotary Club (Rosanna) and Fawkner Tearooms at a Melbourne Major Cemetery.

This started off as a hobby for me, but has become more than that, I love what I do and am proud of what I have achieved in the last year.

Some websites that I have done are quite plain, however that is exactly what the client ordered. Sometimes I have no say in what would look best for the site, the client can be very specific and not want any images, just wording. Well it may not have the appeal of most websites, but that’s what the client wants. I can’t argue with that.

My motto all through out my business career in my funeral business was “Under Promise – Over Deliver. I hope that I can do that for your website.

Thanks to everyone who trusted me with providing them with a site that they were looking for.