Structuring Your Website

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Does Your Website Pop?

Do you have a website that pops the moment you open the website, or is your one that when opened, the enquirer just wants to click the back button?

Your site needs to keep the enquirer there, searching through all your pages, because it not only looks good, but because the information on it speaks louder than words.

Many websites are unorganised and are not user friendly. I have seen many websites like this.

The content needs to be relevant to your business (No, 1) and your images need to be of the highest quality.

Blurry photos are enough to make the enquirer think, “poor website, poor business practices”
Image is everything. The image above is an example of a high resolution image. Another example is to the right. click to open the image to view this high resolution image.

Titles and Headings

Organising your pages in an organised manner is very important. A person doesn’t want to go from one page to another looking for the topic that they have keyed in.

Topics should not be disconnected from each other. This makes it harder for not only the searcher, but the search engine spiders to crawl over your site. Place titles and headings to make show those topics clearly.

You always want the user to have a positive experience, so place some thought into how your website is structured.