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Our Prices

The beauty of having a CMS integrated website is that it allows you to take control of your content, and to be able to update it daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you see fit. Being able to create, delete, add images, virtually change all of the content to your liking. This allows you to develop and grow your own site after completion. You decide how much or how little you do.

Deciding on what you want

Our price lists below will give you a basic idea of our costs. These can be tailored to suit your needs. We are about building bridges and opening up the line of communication between the client and us.

For more information please go to the Contact Us page or Call us to speak to me personally


  • Up to
    6 page Website

  • $65.00 p/page extra
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Gallery up to 20 photos **
  • Video (Not included)
  • E-Commerce (Not included)
  • Includes:
  • Basic Contact page plugin.
  • Project Management 3 hrs, thereafter an hourly rate applies


  • Up to
    12 page Website

  • $65.00 for each page extra
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Gallery – Up to 20 photos **
  • Video (Not included)
  • E-Commerce (Not included)
  • Includes:
  • Basic Contact page plugin.
  • Project Management 3 hrs, thereafter an hourly rate applies


  • Up to
    20 page Website

  • $65.00 p/page extra
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Gallery up to 40 photos **
  • Video
  • E-commerce Site included
  • Includes:
  • Visual Form Builder plugin.
  • Project Management 4 hrs, thereafter an hourly rate applies


  • Up to
    40 page Website

  • $65.00 p/page extra
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Gallery up to 60 images **
  • Video
  • E-commerce Site included
  • Includes:
  • Visual Form Builder Plugin
  • Project Management 4 hrs, thereafter an hourly rate applies


Domain Name Registration

$45 for 2 years


This is normally arranged by you, however we can organise hosting with a third party company on your behalf and set up your website.  We would just need to know what period you would like hosting for. Third party companies will have their own costs and will differ from each other.

Cost $75 for set up only.


We use the WordPress Platform with your choice of template. Template fees may be charged.

E-Commerce Sites

These prices includes standard site pages that are editable plus the addition of an online shopping cart using Paypal for credit card transactions. It is preferable that you have professional images of your products for optimal sales. All images must be supplied web ready in the correct sizes.
Up to 10 products will be added.
Additional products can be added at the cost of $5 per product. We can also instruct you how to add your own products, if they change continually.

Extra Pages

Each package includes a certain number of pages, if you would like to have an extra page or more pages, then we charge $65 per page. Sometimes if might be more economical to upgrade to a higher package.

SSL Certificates

If you have a website that is going to be taking credit card payments, you are going to need an SSL Certificate. This will guarantee that your site is not going to be intercepted by an unknown computer. All e-commerce sites should have an SSL Certificate. The cost of the certificate can vary depending on the type of certificate required.  We can organise to buy this from a reputable seller of certificates and have it installed Free of Charge.

Logo Design

If you would like to have your own logo designed for you, we can take care of it for you.    $250.00


** All images must be provided web ready. This means that they must be optimised & resized ready to upload to your gallery.
You will need to decide on the size of the image when it is clicked on in the lightbox. No thumbnails are required.  We may have to purchase stock images on your behalf if you don’t have enough images for your website. We charge $5 per image for optimisation and resizing.


All websites come with a standard contact form with simple captcha for clients to make enquiries on your site. If you would prefer something more complex, we can supply a pro plugin for a small fee.

No Contracts.

With AAA Web Design you won’t be locked into a monthly contract.  We charge a once off payment for your website. Some companies charge a monthly payment that you are locked into for years. Have you calculated the cost of your site for say 10 years. You would be surprised how much you are going to be paying for it.

Software Upgrades

We will keep your site up to date with the latest upgrades of the software and plugins. You won’t have to worry about whether your software is becoming outdated.  We will regularly check to see if there have been upgrades.


Your site will be regularly backed up.

Large or Small Website

If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for and just want to start of with a small website and then let it grow as your business grows, we can start you off with something easy to manage and then when you are ready to make additions, we can add pages or images or even an E-commerce page for you if you decide to start selling online. Charges will apply.

More and more people are going to their computers to research what they are wanting to buy and not necessarily going to the shops to look for it. We are all becoming time poor, so it makes sense to start thinking about selling your products online as well as in your shop or place of business.

To add  E-commerce to your site with 10 products to start – $250

Completion date

We guarantee that your website will be completed within 7 days if you have all of your content and images ready.

For Changes to your Website

On completion of your website, you are able to make minor changes or corrections to the site for a period of one month. Any extra pages will be charged at $65 per page. Any major changes are charged at $65 per hour.

After your website is completed and the one month period for free changes has expired, you may still like to make some, we can make them for you. We charge $65 an hour with a one hour minimum. Just email the changes that you would like made or optimised images that are to added as a jpg.  We are proud of our ongoing support, if you have a question, please contact us for help or advice.

Responsive Sites

All of our sites are mobile friendly.

No Contracts. Some web companies will make sure that you have to pay for their CMS by the month. If you miss just 1 payment they will pull your site down. We never hold wield that kind of power over you or your business. We would hate this to happen to us so we make a point of never locking you into any contracts. Once you pay for the design and implementation of the CMS into your site there is absolutely nothing more to pay.
Up To Date Technology. Our CMS developers are always updating their software. What this means for you is that that while your competitors are plodding along with old website technologies we furnish you with the latest and best that can be added to your site easily.
Its Scalable. If you’re a new business owner and just starting out or have an idea that you want to put online, it may not be necessary for you to have more than a one or two page basic site. Our CMS allows you an affordable way to start out and can easily grow as your company does. You can add/delete pages or photos, newsletter email campaigns, and even an Ecommerce page if you add an new line of products. Let us know and we can add this on for you.

Our CMS Features. we have many additional plug ins such as : Ecommerce facility, Form Builders, Customised Blog, Social Media Integration, Gallery showcasing portfolio of work, News/Media Area, Site Search, Email Newsletter Sign up, Site Map Generator and Shopping Carts.


- See more at: http://www.hoppingmad.com.au/web-design/content-management/#sthash.9EQ6ZvC4.dpuf